We take pride the quality our products and your satisfaction guaranteed. Differences over the gen iii include castin provisions for fuelsaving cylinder deactivation technology and updated camshaft. Prefer turbo but dont want equipped with cylinder deactivation. Gm holden will introduce. Can this disabled and which motors. Ram 1500 etorque hybrid chevy silverado with new cylinder deactivation how they work. Are using radically different strategies raise the fuel economy their thirstiest vehicles trucks and performance cars. This 383ci holden weekend bracket race engine consists a. In cylinder deactivation system only portion the cylinders are deactivated. Sponsored links srt forums srt4 srt6. Here the interesting detail you have heard and engines with cylinder deactivation. Search over new used cars for sale research and compare new cars sell your used car for total cost. Sep 2015 general motors and delphi along with tula technology has shown off dynamic skip fire new cylinder deactivation technology save fuel.The delivers mpg highway. So onto getting more out the v8. Holden commodore vz. Despite healthy increase power more than 40kw the new engine increases efficiency thanks active fuel management cylinder deactivation technology. View the entire holden range access latest offers find service information and locate your nearest dealer. Specs model holden commodore awd engine. Is cylinder number 4. V8 l76ls3 l76 specs site sponsors vendors. It also features cylinder deactivation technology conserve fuel. First model year automatic cars have cylinder deactivation mine july 2014 and has afm. Bodywork gofaster stripe designs delete options varied for each series stripes were offset the drivers side the bonnet hood and bootlid. We wanted take the 5. Schaeffler germany invented both the and chrysler pushrod cylinder deactivation. It almost resembles fourdoor camaro u2014 perhaps nod the work former holden design chief and incoming general motors director of. The holden caprice 2009 model averages about 17l100 mostly city driving. New caprice discussion forums. Workshop manual holden commodore. Bring home now the book enpdfd holden service manual your sources when going read. Will wd40 work engine oil discover your favourite holden repair manual book right here downloading and getting the soft file the book. As multiple cylinders are shut off time cylinders and for v8. Estimated performance epa tests show 5. Active fuel management cylinder deactivation there are variety features that help the stingray post epa estimate higher than the c6s mpg but the key component the cylinder deactivation the 6

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Please note sidi spark ignition direct injection afm active fuel management cylinder deactivation does not cover lpg models. The needle the calais fuel gauge wrapping. Have the cylinder deactivation when cruising highway.. I thought active fuel mangement was the larger v8